Basalt is a hard, black volcanic rock with less than about 52 weight percent silica (SiO2). Because of basalts low silica content, it has a low viscosity (resistance to flow). Therefore, basaltic lava can flow quickly and easily move more than 20 km from a vent. The low viscosity typically allows volcanic gases to escape without generating enormous eruption columns. Basaltic lava fountains and fissure eruptions, however, still form explosive fountains hundreds of meters tall. Common minerals in basalt include olivine, pyroxene, and plagioclase. Basalt is erupted at temperatures between 1100 to 1250° C.

In Vietnam, you can find out some basalt-suiseki was in Lâm Đồng highland: Đắc Lak, Di Linh, Sơn Điền, Bảo Lộc, Đa Mi, La Dạ, La Dầy. In Vũng Tàu (Đất Đỏ, Xuyên Mộc, Bà Rịa with Basalt + Olivine). In Vĩnh Sơn Bình Định, but hard shapes. In Tuy An – Phú Yên (Basalt column). Sometime, in Quảng Nam including: Trà My, Hiệp Đức, Hiên (Prao’), Khâm Đức, Thạnh Mỹ…

My Basalt-suiseki collecting sites are in the streams which located in above areas. To find out the streams I usually ride a motorbike with my wife and some friends forward lower reaches. Only motorbike helps you cross a very small pathway up and down, water and sand easly push you falling but very enjoyable.

You know, I live in Ho Chi Minh city, but I usually go away from city a few days a month to above region by bus, plane and check in hotel, motel, or guess room or anywhere I can put down my back for a sleep to get colleting site.

Next topic, I will tell you what can I bring with me.

Ninh Huu Hiep (Suiseki Lover & collector)