The stone should not be damaged in any way.

The base of the stone should be planed naturaly in horizontal. When the base is too uneven, it may be cut, it is very difficult decision on cutting or not. Only cutting if you have no choice. But this reduces the value of the stone and the collector must note “Da Cat Day” “Đá Cắt Đáy” “Cutting stone”. For me, I don’t like cutting stone. I like nature.

The stone must have no visible cracks. Sometime, use magnifier 10x or 20x. Other way to test with a flat stone, you can perform a resonance test. Hang the stone on the rope or tap it with your fingers. If the stone no cracks, you will hear a clear sound, pure tone. The pitch of the sound depends on the size of the stone.

There are two kind of cracks. Cracks of nature, this means that the stone has broken somewhere in the edge but it was weathered by water so you can see it is worn out naturally and very different from worn out by human.

Making judgement about the value of the stone by 100 marks of appraising standard below:

The shape:         70 Marks. (soft outline, flexibility, attracting, recall something)

The material:      10 Marks.

The colour:         10 Marks.

The texture:        10 Marks.

Total  :      100 Marks.

The shape:

The shape you should choose is flexible, attracted. It has a soft outline, recall something, has the ability to remember something that you have learned or something that has happened in the past.

The material:

The hardness is over 5 – 7Mohs (536 – 1120Kg/mm2). Over this hardness the shape is hard, rough, with sharp angles or hard edges.

The colour:

The colour is also very important. Suiseki lovers highly appreciated dark colour (gray to black) colours, but brown, purple, green black, and blue black are also interesting and making feel admiration.

The texture:

The way a surface, substance or fabric feels when you touch it, for example, how rough, smooth, hard or soft it is. Uncommon texture is also highly appreciated.

After picking up a stone to consider carefully, if it do not meet my requirement I get it back the stream softly. That way can help somebody like it.The stone should not be damaged in any way.

Ninh Huu Hiep
Suiseki Lover & Collector