A long time ago, since I was a student , maybe that is the first time I travel to Da Lat. Until now, I am fifty and I still can’t forget the feeling I gain from that trip.The feeling of being attached to the beauty of the hills, the greatness of the forest and the charming calm water. The question is: Do you need to study any art school or being an art critic ? Or it’s just our instinct. Whether you are an artist or a normal person in front of a beautiful scenery you’ll feel regret when you have to leave it. Impressively, from that very moment the nature-loving feeling sleeping inside of me was awaked. When my finance situation allow, I just let my soul being harmony with the beautiful nature. Oh! What a wonderful feeling!!!

For me, perhaps, my elegant pleasure “admiring the stone” is an inspiration to heal my “love sick”, “addition” to the beautiful natural landscape. There are many hobbies such as playing ball games, playing badminton ….but with the stone we can’t use the verb “play” because you can feel it. So we can’t equate it with the other hobbies and with its level we can only use three words “Admiring the stone” .

When I perceive (feel) a stone in the shape of mountains or lakes…It’s feel like I have found the scenery which I had seen before, it lessen the nostalgia, the life’s afflictions, delusions damnation quality of human life.

For the “Admiring the Stone”, Vision is the most important part to make the “admiring the Stone” = beautiful suisekis come to its max level (on the top). So, maybe we should begin from our eyes (the vision part). The eyes is the place which gathers the informations from outside, in the surgery medicine shows that during the operation they also have some certain laws such as: Law of distance – space: when the mono-similar appears next to each others they will link together….then the law of equal – alike, the laws of wide-narrow, front – back, the law of shut secret – dark, the law of line continuous – uninterrupted, the laws of experience, the law of the press-touch, law of the transfer between yin and yang, convex and sunken, law of the balanced, the law of contrast, and through them we can understand more things in the way we perceive art.

Indeed, the perception of the men who like to “admiring the stone” for a stone at first must be the shaped, colors of the stone ( which is considered the special point, the convex or sunken, the balance or contrast…), for example to decribe the shape of a girl the stone must have smooth contour which shows the shape of the girl.

To do this, our vision must recognize and implement the connection point from which we perceive the state of the shape. How is it? hard, soft, curved, smooth, convex and concave that match a certain part or majority of the objects what we have seen previously in our memory.

The men who like to “admiring the stone” = suisekis, let try to experience this to verify what I (Hiep) said….

Ninh Huu Hiep

Suiseki-lover & collector